San Diego Pride 5k Fundraiser for La Casita de Union Trans

SD Pride 2024 Sponsors Helped Raise $3k for La Casita de Union Trans

I’m so excited to share this!

In collaboration with Border Kindness, we raised funds during San Diego’s Pride 5k to raise awareness and donations for La Casita de Union Trans.

Together we have raised:

for La Casita de Union Trans

Holy shit y’all.

I’m completely blown away by everyone’s support. While we finalize details about the fund’s transfer to La Casita de Union Trans, I wanted to give a special shoutout to everyone who got involved.

This would not have been possible without these 41 incredible individuals in my life. MIL GRACIAS.

  • Akshay Gupta
  • Ale & Chris Villabernal
  • Alex Chow
  • Alfie Fonzi
  • Dr. Alfredo Hernandez
  • Ana Laura Montiel
  • Anaiz Alegria
  • Barbara Becerra
  • Carla Castellanos
  • Charissa Lucille
  • Christina Regan
  • Coral McKee
  • Dan Martin
  • Edgar Mosqueda
  • Elian Ortiz
  • Gregorio Higgins
  • JBo
  • Jesus Villalpando
  • Jim McKeever from Border Humanity
  • Justin Hunt
  • Justin Joseph
  • Katie & Bradley King
  • Kenny Spotz from pics or it didn’t happen
  • Kerry Green
  • Kevin Garman
  • Kevin Wallner
  • Larissa Gatt
  • Marissa Lucero
  • Monique Oliveri
  • Nancy Oleta
  • Nic Lobsinger
  • Priscila Hernandez
  • Rebecca & Edgar Mosqueda
  • Savannah Miller
  • Stefano Estefan
  • Sydney Keith
  • Zaira Waded & Fernando Navarro

Plus one anonymous sponsor. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

Thank you all for getting involved, I was able to beat my previous PR by almost 6 minutes, completing the 5k in 29:09 minutes:

I’m proud of us!

Why La Casita de Union Trans?

La Casita is a Trans woman-led shelter for the LGBTQ+ community in Tijuana, and they mainly work with Trans women in migration, making sure they have access to medicine, treatments, food, shelter, and contraceptives. Recently, they’ve been lobbying and fundraising to try and get permission to start providing PrEP at the shelter to make it more accessible for the community.

Why Border Kindness?

Border Kindness is a humanitarian organization that provides asylum-seekers, refugees & the displaced with food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and medical & legal services.

I simply would not be where I am today if it wasn’t because of my family’s migration into the United States. I acknowledge my privileges and am passionate about helping others have better life opportunities regardless of who they are. Let’s lift each other up!

I’ve been volunteering with Border Kindness’ water drop team for over a year now, hiking out into the desert to leave life-saving supplies like water, food, clothes, and meds for migrants.

It’s a deadly journey, especially in the summer when temperatures reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thanks for reading!