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Helped us Develop a Content Strategy Rooted in SEO

Tiffany Yannetta

Smart, Actionable Insights Driving Valuable Traffic and Engagement

Pablo and I worked together while at Meta within the Global Business Marketing org working on the Meta for Business website. Throughout our partnership Pablo delivered smart, actionable insights informed by his SEO analysis, allowing our Content Marketing team the ability to make quick decisions during content planning and page creation. His work ensured that we created content and built pages that our customers were actively searching for, driving increased engagement and valuable site traffic. Pablo’s passion for SEO and marketing is palpable and any brand or marketing team would greatly benefit from his expertise.

Steven Garcia

Always Researching, Testing, and Learning

I had the pleasure of working with Pablo at Victorious. In our more than three years of work together, Pablo proved himself to be a diligent student and teacher, a committed team member, and a champion of culture. Pablo is truly dedicated to being on the forefront of SEO, always researching, testing, and learning. With his constantly expanding understanding and knowledge, he ran weekly lunch and learns for our entire company. Pablo was always willing to make time for other team members, to make sure they felt empowered to do their best work and provide the most growth to our customers. More than anything, Pablo was an enthusiastic culture leader – always finding a way to encourage and recognize others for their great work. I’d be lucky to get to work with Pablo again.

Kyle Wade

Thoughtful Leader and Educator, Delivered Impressive Results

I’ve worked with Pablo for 3+ years and he is not only a thoughtful leader and educator, he is an extremely talented Strategist. And yet, he is also the most humble and kind human you could ever work with. Many on our team can credit our advanced knowledge of SEO to the robust resource of trainings Pablo created and the 1:1 support he gave each of us. Without a doubt, he was instrumental in my own professional growth and the success I have had at Victorious because he was a key factor in many of our most successful partnerships. Pablo has a finesse for tackling complex strategies while being thoughtful of what is important to the customer. This critical thinking combined with his collaborative effort delivered impressive results. There are many examples I could give but in short, Pablo elevates everyone around him and would be invaluable to any company considering him to lead their team.

Deena Blas

Excellent Strategist, A Sought-After Collaborator

Pablo is not only an excellent strategist, but he has a tremendous generosity of spirit that makes him a much sought-after collaborator. Pablo knows his stuff and he’s on a mission to share his knowledge. Working with him at Victorious was a delight and I know he’ll make an amazing addition to any team that’s lucky enough to have him!

Jill Caradonna Maldonado
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