SF SEO Specialist Pablo Villalpando

Forensic SEO Consulting

Forensic SEO, as the name might suggest, involve a variety of reverse-engineered SEO practices that seek to recover the organic a site once had. It’s not about growth, but returning to its true ranking potential. While this is very common after an algorithmic penalty or manual action (external influence), it can also occur during a site migration or redesign (internal influence). In these cases, there is a loss of relevance or introduction of harmful signals that result in loss of keyword rankings, visibility, and search traffic.

As a forensic SEO consultant that has worked in hundreds of SEO recoveries with a 100% success rate, I have included below the best forensic SEO tactics for websites under algorithmic penalties, search filters, search demotions, and manual actions. Whether a single analysis or in conjunction with other audits, together we can create expert strategies for recovery & subsequent next steps to avoid future search demotions.

The specific forensic SEO tactics vary depending on the unique historical situation of a website. You must first complete an SEO Audit that reviews technical errors, content health, and on-page SEO elements to rule out the basics.

  • E-A-T Algorithm Analysis
  • Manual Action Recovery
  • Algorithmic Penalty Recovery
  • Backlink Toxicity Analysis
  • Backlink Disavow

Don’t let poor search engine visibility or self-destructive marketing initiatives hold your business back. Contact me today to learn how Forensic SEO consulting services can help you improve your website’s performance and achieve your true ranking potential.