Fundraise for HeartSupport: Mental Health Non-Profit

For every $100 donated to my fundraising page for HeartSupport, I will let my dog, Chia, lick peanut butter off my face for 1 minute 🐕🥜

Absolutely no one should struggle alone. Join me and make sure that no one does.

100% of Donations go to HeartSupport

HeartSupport is a non-profit dedicated to creating community and providing resources for those who are struggling with their mental health.

Every year HeartSupport helps people brave their wounds, find purpose, and discover healing. Our goal is to create a legacy of life-transformation, freeing them from suicide, addiction, abuse, and mental health issues while empowering them with the realization they are loved unconditionally and supported by a community that believes in them.

Why I Chose this Non-Profit

When I was younger, studying human behavior fascinated me, which led me to pursue a degree in Sociology and Psychology. I wanted to understand groups of people so that I could in turn help change the world. I wanted to help people somehow.

Being a first-generation immigrant, I witnessed first-hand how someone could accomplish an insurmountable task. My parents left everything they knew to provide me a better life in a new world. This has led to a heavy generational burden I carry on my shoulders and unrealistic expectations I have set for myself. I struggle with anxiety, identity issues, and perfectionistic tendencies.

There are many causes that I support, but the reason I feel an incredibly strong connection with HeartSupport is because of their work in the music industry. Music has been an integral part in my life. It has allowed me to look deeper into myself, better understand who I am, and find my way in the world.

Music led me to seek professional help, and I cannot understate this: it is extremely expensive. You’re lucky if your health insurance even covers it. Absolutely no one should struggle alone. I want to help in my own way by fundraising for HealthSupport.

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