Best Livestreams Since Pandemic Started

Best Livestreams Since Pandemic Started

I think we can all agree that music has gotten us through some incredibly difficult times, this may have been the ultimate truth since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Music heals.

Even though live music events came to an abrupt halt, the electronic music industry has found ways to adapt and deliver hope to millions across the world. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but my personal favorite DJ sets since the pandemic began that I just can’t get enough of.

Also, holy shit these views are amazing. Get ready for some incredible aerial drone shots!

Rufus Du Sol – Joshua Tree

Nora en Pure – Switzerland

Huge fan of Nora en Pure and her radio Purified. This live stream was in commemoration of her 200th episode, distracting us from the brink of human extinction with one of the most beautiful sets of 2020. Also, this was streamed live shortly after my birthday!

Ben Bohmer – Cappadocia

This is definitely one of the best ones of 2020, when Cercle went on overdrive. Highly recommended to subscribe to their channel as they produce some insane content in insane locations.

Lane 8 – Colorado Sunrise

As California experienced the worst fires in its history, Lane 8 came through with this 2-hour sunrise set in this beautiful lake in Colorado.

Disclosure – Croatia

Anything Cercle touches is beautiful.

Monolink – Berlin Studio

One of my favorite producers. This dude is extremely talented!

Yotto – Findland

WhoMadeWho – Egypt

Even though I wasn’t familiar with WhoMadeWho, Cercle introduced me to their music. I’m a huge fan of Pink Floyd so this was soothing my soul. Also, Cercle at it again with Egypt. If I haven’t shared this before, I love Egypt with a passion. I will admit I’m a bit biased with this one!

Bob Moses – Random LA Tower

Reality Test – Dreamstate Satellite

If you haven’t listened to psytrance yet, you should! It’s a relatively small subgenre of trance that I usually describe as the metal version of electronic music. Reality Test mixes some hard rock/metal classics!

Stephan Jolk – Slovenia Castle

Spencer Brown – SF Rooftop

This 5 hour set is incredible and offers a few scenic views of SF during the pandemic. As soon as it’s safe, I’m getting my ass to this rooftop at Hotel Via SF!

Above & Beyond – Group Therapy 400, London

There are many more streams that I am absolutely in love with & keep going back to in Soundcloud but decided to exclude them since they don’t have video (I’ll share them in another post!).

I’m most likely going to be updating this post until the pandemic ends lol. But, what about you? Do you have favorite YouTube live streams?

Let’s get a running list going!

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