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Sr. SEO Specialist in San Francisco, CA

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I am a successful SEO marketing leader with proven accomplishments in driving market growth and firm profits. Articulate and driven Lead SEO Specialist in San Francisco, CA with high energy and engaging personality. Hardworking team builder that motivates personnel to maximize performance. Recognized consistently for performance excellence and contributions to agency success in various industries.

Pablo Villalpando Technical SEO Manager, SEO Specialist in the Bay Area and San Francisco, CA

SEO Experience

  • Well-Rounded: Technical, Content, & Link-Building
  • +7 Years of SEO Experience
  • Implemented on +12 CMS’
  • +200 Hours of Training
  • +115 SEO Penalty Recoveries

Expert & Up-to-Date SEO Methodology

On-Site SEO

Executing the best exhaustive technical SEO auditing on website infrastructure and architecture. I craft successful leading on-page optimization and keyword targeting for commercially viable search queries.

Off-Site SEO

Utilizing data-driven and non-biased post-Penguin tactics for powerful and laser-focused link building and best authority development campaigns in the most competitive of industries.

Forensic SEO

Auditing of historical performance to collect points of evidence from various sources to create industry-leading SEO strategies leading to organic recovery and allowing for future growth.

Impacted by the Latest Algorithm Update?

The best and most experienced SEOs welcome algorithm updates. As search engines evolved and become smarter, they do a better job at providing better results for search queries to improve searcher’s experience and increase customer retention. SEO specialists that truly understand search engine algorithms provide recommendations that search engines reward on a continuous basis. If you have experienced drops in keyword rankings, consider consulting an expert Forensic SEO for further evaluation.

“The only constant in life is change”


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