Most Inspirational August Burns Red Quotes

Most Inspiring Quotes from August Burns Red

If you know me, you probably already know that I love my metal. And if we talk about metal, I probably won’t shut up about August Burns Red. I am often vocal about this single band getting me through my own toughest life moments.

Although I have been listening to August Burns Red consistently for probably +10 years, mental health has only been a focus for me for the past three years. This of course escalated quickly, for every person on Earth, once the COVID-19 pandemic began.

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I recently decided to start a HeartSupport fundraiser to help others struggling with anxiety and depression which was incredibly well supported by friends, family, and coworkers. It truly warmed my heart to see how quickly the people around me jumped in to support this amazing non-profit organization led by ABR’s vocalist, Jake Luhrs.

I think the music from August Burns Red is timeless, it speaks to me in so many different ways as I grow older and have different experiences. Their music speaks to an unavoidable darkness we all eventually find ourselves in, but always with a sense of hope.

So, in light of recent events in the world, here are my absolute favorite quotes from August Burns Red lyrics, simply because their music is incredible. Jake’s vocals and the band’s heavy breakdowns and melodic riffs are so powerful, transcending their music to a whole another level.

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These windy streets tell of a different time. What got us here, won’t get us there.

Found in Far Away Places, Majoring in the Minors

We are found, found in far away places. When all seems lost. We are found, found in far away places. Not all is lost.

Found in Far Away Places, Majoring in the Minors

We must be strong. (And cling onto hope!), cling onto hope. We must be strong. When the ground is shaking out from under our feet.

Found in Far Away Places, Majoring in the Minors

I may have no one else to blame, but listen to me. You and I, we were once the same, the same.

Found in Far Away Places, Ghosts

Even in our most beautiful days, it’s dark. Just look at the world around you. There’s a consequence for what we do.
Pass judgment on me as you walk. Picture perfect ain’t my obsession. You can’t sum up my life from a first impression. Learn your lesson.

Found in Far Away Places, Ghosts

Put your fear away. Push it off the edge. So all that’s left is who you are. Stand tall against the waves in the ocean. You must be brave when it’s sink or swim, when it’s sink or swim. Rest comes to the weary. We’re so tired of losing, we’re so tired of losing. The sun will break through. You’ll get what you need.

Found in Far Away Places, Everlasting Ending

Wait to speak until you find the words to say. They’ll come, I promise they’ll come. You’ll hear them out loud, without forcing the words out. Put all your fear away.Bravery will find you, when your head is hung low.

Found in Far Away Places, Everlasting Ending

Wave goodbye, as we turn our backs on our past. Wave goodbye, cut our future short to pave a new path. Wave goodbye, we dropped it all on a dime to be on our own. Wave goodbye, as we make the escape into the unknown.

We pushed through shattering expectations. Filled with dreams, filled with heartache.

We’re still standing strong, standing strong. As we keep living on, living on.

Found in Far Away Places, Vanguard

This world has lived for a million years with more to come. It’s only a matter of time until you choke on your indifference. Struggling to breathe as the water fills your lungs. Trying hard to scream as it rises into your throat.

Wake up, and save yourself. The sea will reclaim what it worked to create.
Wake up, save yourself. Pick up the pieces, ask for forgiveness.

Found in Far Away Places, The Wake

Clear a path, Stand aside.
We’re carrying the torch now.

Messengers, The Truth of a Liar

Gather all your possessions. Smile because you’ve got it all. Still that empty feeling won’t go away (Won’t go away).

Messengers, Back Burner

Fallen captive.
You’ve fallen captive to what you thought would save you, what you thought would clean your slate. You’re in the thick of it now and you have swallowed the hook. What’s done is done. We’ll continue on with or without you.
Pain must exist in order for healing to survive. Neither one will ever serve their purpose alone.
You’ve fallen in love with a dream you’ve never had. You’ve fallen in love with a surreal way of living.
Too late to wake, farewell and good luck to you. See you at the end. Too late to wake, to lay to waste.

Messengers, Black Sheep

Give up, give in no matter what, it’s your decision.

Messengers, The Eleventh Hour

Keep it metal friends 🤘

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Thank you for reading! Before we go, I will leave you with my #1 favorite song from August Burns Red. Composure. This song speaks to the very core of my soul and gives me hope:

Shake it off, pick yourself up, they say. Your life fell apart in your hands, and you’ve got the scars. To prove it, it’s not the first time, and they’re getting deeper.

Pull it together, button up your shirt. Roll down those sleeves, don’t let them see how you’ve coped. It’s not the first time, And they’re getting deeper.

More and more, your demeanor looks like quicksand.

It seems like you’re giving up. Giving up on everything you worked for. It seems like you’re giving up. Giving up on everything you worked for.

It’s pulling you under, it’s gripping around your throat.

Life can be overwhelming. But don’t turn your back on the strongest crutch you’ve ever had, you’ve ever had! They have always been there to brace your fall!

Wave goodbye to the past, you’ve got your whole life to lead. You’ve got your whole life to lead, it’s time to gain some ground!

Messengers, Composure
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If you can, please donate to my fundraiser for HeartSupport via the button below:

Check out my Motivational Metal Monster Mamajam playlist on Spotify.

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