A Pale Blue Dot + Huge Gallery of Cool Space Shots

My favorite piece of art is a framed Pale Blue Dot, it hits differently this decade.

I welcome you to listen to Carl Sagan’s The Pale Blue Dot as he describes Voyager 1 image of the Earth during Valentine’s Day of 1990, 4 billion miles away. I added The Pale Blue Dot image below, along with the transcription of his famous quote.

The image gallery contains unbelievable photographs, including Perseverance!

Best Space-Themed Lego Sets for Beginners 🚀 🌌

If you don’t know me in person or haven’t noticed on my website yet, I freakin love space so it has been really fun reviewing, researching, & putting together a list of the best space Legos that anyone can build within a short few hours.

Where to Find Affordable Prescription Glasses That Don’t Compromise Style

There used to be a time when getting prescription eyeglasses meant visiting your eye doctor, getting your eyes checked, and settling for a less-than-stellar pair that you probably wouldn’t enjoy wearing. Aside from the super limited selection of like 3 frames, you most likely also ended up paying a lot of money. A lot.

Ahh, the shitty old days that are long gone.

Most Inspiring Quotes from August Burns Red

If you know me, you probably already know that I love my metal. And if we talk about metal, I probably won’t shut up about August Burns Red. I am often vocal about this single band getting me through my own toughest life moments.

Although I have been listening to August Burns Red consistently for probably +10 years, mental health has only been a focus for me for the past three years. This of course escalated quickly, for every person on Earth, once the COVID-19 pandemic began.

What You Need to Break Into a Career in Digital Marketing

The growth of the internet has created a lot of opportunities for many people, regardless of age, gender, race, or location. Many people have been able to make a living online by taking advantage of the opportunities coming their way, especially with the rise of gamification making it especially enjoyable for both marketers and consumers.